We believe that sound financial advice and long-term strategies will help you achieve your goals more quickly than short-term risky investments. We serve our clients best by providing “slow and steady” advice over the years.

Our Services

Retirement Planning

  • Diversifying your retirement income
  • Defending against market volatility
  • Estate planning advice

Financial Planning

  • 401(k) investment selection
  • Portfolio allocations
  • Insurance reviews

Investment Management

  • Stocks, bonds and mutual fund recommendations
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Tax efficient investing

Our Long-Term Approach

We'll always be in tune with the ups and downs of the financial markets, but we'll stay focused on acheiving your long-term goals.

During the financial crisis of 2008 many investors made the mistake of selling when the market was at its lowest points.

Many of those same investors bought back in when it was obvious that the crisis was over and the market had made much of the losses back.

Unfortunately they lost a lot of money by selling low and buying high — a simple short term emotional mistake.

We'll make sure that you're following a long-term approach to achieve your goals by providing solid council when times get rough. If we think a financial decision you're considering is a mistake, we'll discuss our concerns with you.

You'll be able to depend on us to help you navigate through rough financial markets and stay focused on a long-term approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the most important retirement planning considerations?

If you need assistance with retirement planning we'll discuss the following key retirement planning considerations with you.

1) How much money will you need to retire?
2) When do you want to retire?
3) How sure are you the money will be there, when you need it?

Why is Aronson Asset Management a Fee-Only financial advisor?

How your financial advisor is compensated can make a big difference in the way they manage your account. Some advisors work under a standard, called the Suitability Standard, that requires that their recommendations only be "suitable" to your particular situation. Other planners work under a fiduciary standard that requires the advisor to consider what's in their client’s best interest. You may be wondering why your advisor would make a recommendation that is not in your best interest. That’s where the issue of compensation comes into play.

There are three basic ways in which financial advisors are compensated:

  • Through a commission-based model
  • Through a commission and fee model
  • Through a Fee-Only model

Both commissioned and commission and fee advisors are compensated based on the financial products they sell to you. As a result of the conflict of interest inherent in these transactions, these advisors might have difficulty putting their client’s interest above their own.

In contrast, an Independent Advisor does not represent a brokerage firm, bank or insurance company, they only work for you. The Fee-Only model of compensation is the most transparent and objective model available. It minimizes conflicts and ensures that your financial advisor acts as a fiduciary. Fee-Only planners are compensated directly by their clients for advice, plan implementation and the ongoing management of assets.

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Get a Second Opinion About Your Financial Plan

Our second opinion service is more than just a discussion about money and financial strategies. We want you to decide if we're a good fit for your needs, and we want to see if we can truly add value to your life.

Many of our clients want to build an income stream that is reliable, predictable and increasing, as well as having a portfolio that can be passed down to their heirs. We'll discuss strategies that work towards those objectives.

Schedule a meeting with us for a second opinion and here's what you'll get:

  • We'll spend most of the meeting discussing your needs and listening to your answers.
  • We'll answer all your questions regarding our fees and the services we provide.
  • We'll talk about your current investment strategy and make notes for our follow-up conversation.

Although we may discuss ideas during the meeting we want to spend most of the time listening, rather than immediately trying to provide solutions.

After the meeting we'll put together some information and ideas for strategies that best fit what you've told us about your goals and income. Next we'll schedule a follow-up conversation in which we'll present our second opinion about your current plan.

There's no obligation for our second opinion service and any information we provide during your meeting and afterwards is yours to keep.

Second Opinion Service

Call 630-276-9556 or use our contact form to schedule your second opinion consultation.

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said:
“Compound interest is the Eighth Wonder of the World.
He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it.”

If you have a sum of money at 10% for 5 years, you will multiply your wealth by 1.6 times.